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A magnificent sun is rising over the frosty countryside today. So, to warm up a bit I will take you to a tropical universe.

When I received these magnificent earrings from the Nympheas collection by Yolaine Giret I first thought of Monet, whose paintings I really like, then I got caught up in the golden reflections that made me feel transported elsewhere. I lived for 4 years on Reunion Island when I was younger. I then remembered the warm dampness, the powerful scent of eucalyptus, the lush jungles filled with colorful birds.

There's an island in the distance, I hear its beautiful... The water crystal blue... Waves so gentle... Sand so soft... The breeze blows gently, the palms sway back and forth... See it in the distance, it looks close enough to touch. Smell the salt in the air.... Drift away... Let it all go... Let it all go there...Safe and sound, leave all of your troubles behind... Get to that island... Get lost in time.

Yolaine Giret creates jewelry in porcelain and metal gilded with fine gold in a refined style evoking the Art Nouveau and Art Deco years, all that I love, a poetic and timeless universe that comes in different collections of floral inspirations , romantic, graphic and clean.

I hope I made you travel a bit and that you brought back some spices and exotic flowers in your luggage!

See You !


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